What Makes Us Different:

Many people believe all financial services firms are the same; however, that could not be further from the truth.  From your first communication with the Financial Freedom Group, you will feel the difference.  We recognize meeting with a financial advisor can be a stressful experience for many.  You will find our laid back, no pressure meetings are a welcome relief.  We also pride ourselves on the personalized, hands-on approach we take with our clients.  We like to know as much about you, your family, and your finances as you are willing to share.  That allows us to truly determine what your goals and needs are and builds a solid foundation for long-term relationships.  We also ask many qualitative questions about your feelings toward money, as we believe this information is just as important as the data contained within your financial statements.

As advisors, we recognize that the complexities of finance can be overwhelming to many.  We strive to present all of the complexities of finance in simple-to-understand terms.  We have developed a proprietary financial model to help our clients visualize their financial situation in a very simple-to-understand format.  We believe in the motto: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

We believe all your investments and insurance should be geared toward meeting your short and long-term financial goals.  Therefore, we take a holistic approach to retirement and wealth building management.  This method makes certain that all of your assets/strategies, even those held outside our firm, are working together, and not against each other, in a coordinated manner.

We are also committed to meeting with you throughout the year because, as we know, plans change, and strategies should be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure they are still meeting your objectives.  These face-to-face meetings also allow us to stay up-to-date on any changes to your personal and/or financial situation.

Because the Financial Freedom Group is an independent firm, this allows us the autonomy to select the very best financial tools and strategies to meet your family’s needs.  We have no pressure to sell proprietary products, and our independence allows us to view all strategies with objectivity.  While we maintain our independence, we still have access to the technology and support of bigger, national firms through our broker dealer, SagePoint Financial, Inc.